theBoatLoop-standard-featuresBoat Loop

The Boat Loop is a convenient multifunctional tool for every boater. It is a telescoping, locking pole with a loop, a handle, and a push off stub. Reach and grab most things in the water and around your dock. Use the push off stub when you get too close. Hand a line or tie a line with the hook. Reach and grab a cleat or piling to pull your boat close. Use it to help launch your boat. It comes in 3 different lengths 2’-4’, 3’-6’, 4’-8’. It can be stored under a seat in most boats.

boat loop

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4′-8′ Boat Loop Copy

Boat loop extends your reach from 4-8 foot

3′-6′ Boat Loop

Boat loop extends your reach from 3- 6 foot

2′-4′ Boat Loop

It’s a practical addition to any boat. The durable fiberglass Boat Loop extends your reach
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