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Norris Docks floating docks are perfect for deep water and fluctuating water levels. We use the strongest and most durable materials that will keep your dock structurally sound even in the highest of boat traffic areas. We float our docks using a roto molded encapsulated foam float. This type of a float has consistent thicker walls which prevents any cracking or breaking of your docks floatation. Our frames are constructed of structural steel, fabricated and welded to create a truss style frame; the strongest frame in the industry. The entire frame is then hot dip galvanized to ensure it is protected from rust and other possible surface defects. We offer different decking options including stamped concrete pavers, composite decking, and pressure treated lumber. Each type of decking offers different features and benefits including adding structural support, appeal, maintenance, and cost differences. All floating docks can be covered to provide your boat protection from the sun and other weather conditions using a metal roofing system.

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12 X 32′ Single Floating Dock Uncovered

12 X 32' Single Floating Dock Uncovered

10X28 Single Slip Floating Dock

10X28 Single Slip Uncovered Floating Dock

10 X 28′ Double Slip Covered Dock

10 X 28' Double Slip Covered Floating Dock

10 X 28 Double Slip Uncovered

10 X 28 Double Slip Uncovered Floating Dock

12 X 32′ Double Slip Covered Dock

12 X 32' Double Slip Covered Floating Dock

10 X 28′ Single Floating Covered Dock

10 X 28' Single Floating Covered Dock

12X32 Single Slip Floating Covered Dock


8 X 32′ Patio Uncovered

8 X 32' Patio Uncovered

12 X32′ Double Slip Uncovered Dock

12 X32' Double Slip Uncovered Dock

12 X 32′ Patio Uncovered

12 X 32' Patio Uncovered
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