Cindy Haney – Norris Lake
Working with Norris Docks was a great decision. Being from out of state I was worried that not being at the site would create a loss in communication. They were communicative, professional, and very attentive throughout the entire process. The timeliness of the project went as expected. My lake neighbors and I can not only see the quality difference of the dock they built, but also feel its stability while on the dock. The crew was impressive as they were very knowledgeable about the construction process and were at the job site early every morning. I am also pleased with the boat lift installed by Norris Docks. They recommended installing guide posts on it to help make loading my boat easier. This is not an option I would have gone with if it wasn’t for the expertise of Norris Docks. I would recommend Norris Docks to anyone needing dock construction or service.

Richard Perry – Ft. Loudon Lake
There is no doubt Norris Docks installs the highest quality products on the market. I have now had them install a second boat lift and touchless cover. The lift is quick and much quieter than my previous lift and other lifts I have seen. The touchless cover does a great job of protecting my boat from the sun and it’s very convenient. I can now go down to my dock and press a button to uncover and cover my boat after being out on the lake. They did what they said they were going to do and completed it by the date they had given me at the time we signed the contract.

Duane Cochrane – Norris Lake
I am very pleased with my experience with Norris Docks. My dock is everything and more than I expected. I live on a high traffic part of the lake and needed a dock that could withstand the boat traffic and the big wakes my dock would experience. Norris Docks ensured me their dock is the most structurally sound dock on the lake by taking me out on their docks and their competitors. They worked with me and the TVA throughout the permit application process. After working with Norris Docks on the dock construction we have decided to install an additional boat lift and they supplied and installed a water trampoline. Norris Docks is a first class company and easy to work with.